Stories written in a day.

A Change

Everyone stared at Charles as he walked around the office.  He had been away on vacation for two weeks and, to everyone’s surprise, had started growing a mustache.

“Charles, you look…different,” said Gladys while she waited for him to make his copies.

“Oh, you noticed,” he said.  “Yeah, I thought I’d try something new.  For Movember.  You know, the thing where guys grow a mustache in November to bring awareness to men’s health issues.”

Gladys looked at him for another second and then abruptly walked away, holding her hand over her mouth to prevent anything from coming out.

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Schindler’s Punctuation

A knock at the door startled the Garfinkels as everyone at the dining room table froze.  Joel and Eliana looked at each other in fear, and then reached out to hold the hands of their children, Leah and Joey.

Another knock rattled the door even louder, so Joel got up to answer it, all the while looking back toward his family.  Eliana told the children to hide in their rooms, and then stood in the doorway to the dining room, waiting.

Joel opened the door to see three Nazis: two soldiers in dark blue military uniforms and an older gentleman in brown, wearing the high ranking insignias of a commandant.

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Checkstand Four

James didn’t care if he had missed any items on his grocery list.  He was too busy trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life now that he was let go.  The only thing he could think of doing was shopping, since that’s what he normally did on Tuesdays.  As he pushed his grocery cart to the checkstand and started to unload, the checkout girl asked him in a monotone voice,

“Did you find everything alright?” and began scanning his items.

“I suppose.  I mean, I haven’t really found a purpose to my life, but I don’t suppose that would be on any aisle here, would it?” said James, putting his frozen vegetables on the counter.

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